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Posted at 2010.10.02 11:20
Welcome to! is an individual blog with over 15000 page view per day.
(last updated in 12 JAN 2012)

Blog Topics
1. London's famous travel spots
2. My experiences in London for 9 years in a diary format
3. UK universities guide
4. English Premier League
5. Other UK releated issues in areas of economy, social issues, news etc.
6. Analysis on routine life with behaviour economics and social science theory

Target Visitors
Korean who are eager to know about UK or London and the relevant

Advert Methods
1. One advert per webpage
You can choose your favourite webpage within and place the ad in the content or other areas you want. I have 'One advertiser per webpage' policy so you can have a possessing effect in the ground for advertising.

2. One advert in every webpage
Either, you can place an advert on every webpage in my website. This means when visitors surfing page to page, your ad is on wherever people go.

Advert Types
It can be anything, text, banner image etc, and all kinds of them will be linked to hosting websites accordingly.

Advert Prices
Prices are all negotiable. Since this is an individual blog, price range are undeniably very flexible.

Advertising Customers
1. Party Poker 
Party Poker, the biggest online betting company in the UK placed an advert on the right of side in main webpage in a form of image link. Price cannot be disclosed publicly.

2. UK Embassy
UK Embassy in Korea placed an advert on the right side of the main webpage. This advert is cross-linked, which means our ads promoting placed on their website. Free of Charge.

*Thank you for your time to read this and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries such as the data e.g. page view per day, total visitors or others. Especially, for exact rate for ads on, I strongly recommend that send me an email so that I can provide relevant information. Thank you.

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